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Genetic war
April 8th, 2008 WeeMee

starbucks - weemee.com Have you seen girls in their late teens to late 20s dressed up in their training clothes wearing a Von Dutch hat, accessorized with big ring-shaped earrings, shiny necklaces, toe-rings , sipping a Starbucks coffee and carrying an English book? She also carries a huge luxurious bag and wears sunglasses. She even has the predilection of having pedicures done in sparkling green colors. Would it be as a girl who wears a branded uniform, who walks like a model on a runway, wearing makeup to boost her glossy teenage appearance. Her impeccable outer appearance draws people’s attention and makes others think that she is rich, has experience living abroad and has a top-notch career. However, if one looks closely enough, she is nowhere near being rich nor does she have an outstanding career. She is just a girl who is driven by vanity and living in an illusionary world. People blame them for their vanity.

weemee.com Taking care of appearaces really matter? I don't think so. It is just their freedom and right to do whatever they want as long as they can afford to do it. Personally I hate girls who squander money only on flashy clothes and makeup. However,we need to think about what made girls try to pay excessive attention to their appearances. They are exposed to the media admiring celebrities and the beauty. Generally men prefer pretty women rather than intelligent women who don't care about their look. We are living in the world that appearance can be ability.

weemee.com "Why are we attracted to handsome or beautiful people? The answer might not be as obvious as you think. Scientists say that humans value beauty because biologically beauty is a sign of health and vitality. More specifically, it is a bilological sign that a woman is able to have healthy children. Likewise, biologically, handsomeness in men is a sign of his health, strength, and ability to protect a woman and impregnate her with healthy children. Thus, at its root beauty man not be so much an emotional or philosophical concept as it is the human species' desire to increase the odds of successful reproduction."

I totally agree with this. Your good appearance could make an appeal to the opposite sex. But think what will happen if you are solid from the neck up. Brown from one parent and blue from the other also will produce a brown-eyed child, since brown dominates.

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