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The man who died after playing an online game for 50 hours non-stop.
March 16th, 2008 WeeMee

Starcraft broodwar South Korea's broadband connection rate is extremely high. Under this circumstance, South Korea's online gaming industry brings in revenues of one-point-two billion dollars a year and has been growing by about 25 percent annually, expanding exports to the United States, China, Japan and other markets. Korea's online games as an example of a national project developed rapidly with government support. Now people play the online games as an integral part of life, as entertainment. The online game has become the equivalent of a gathering place.

There is a brand new deviation. Teenagers love online games. Some teenagers want to sit playing them for hours without going to their school. Almost Online games suggest that the world is one big battlefield. In game after game, people shoot, bomb, and blow one another up, without any serious or fatal consequences. Given the level of violence in our society today, this is a dangerous message to be giving them. They grow up in a culture where violence is pervasive in the online games. If they are accustomed to violence depicted in the online games, they may justify and warrant violence without any guilt in real life.

Starcraft broodwar Even many adults are also on thin ice. It is a famous story of a 28-year-old man who died of heart failure after playing an online game for 50 hours non-stop. There was a another story about a 38-year-old man's death. He also was a online game addict who played a online game for 417 hours 20 day. Their cause of death was a so-called economy-class syndrome that people on a long-distance flight have. Excessive and exhaustive online game absorption has caused concern that cyber cafes have become the opium dens of the 21st century, encouraging players to stay around the clock, forgetting about their health and responsibilities. I was concerned that many people have learned too much about such violent games and have forgot about their health and responsibilities.

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