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Blood Type Fortune Telling
Febuary 2nd, 2008 WeeMee

Kind of fortune-telling on the blood type is popular here in Korea. I heard this kind of blood type theory of personality is believed mostly in South Korea and Japan. If you didn't know about this blood type fortune telling and you were asked your blood type, would you be surprised and think it's funny thing to ask? It has no scientific basis and there's a tendency to see it as a problem among some people because it could lead to prejudice and discrimination. They're rough character assessments but when I'm looking at the people around me, I feel those character assessments are pretty close.

Ø Reserved calm, even tempered, introverted, sensitive to public opinion, responsible, reliable
Ø even tempered and takes charge when others are in confusion
Ø may be introvert or standoffish or shy
Ø may feel nervous or ill at ease with others
Ø sensitive to surroundings and others
Ø hesitant to change -may feel misunderstood
Ø may shy from group-nature lover
Ø prefers suburbs away from crowds
Ø needs a private space for refuge
Ø may be accused of being pessimist because of fear of change
Ø many are artists or creative types due to sensitivity
Ø craves success
Ø tasty served with any vegetable

Ø Rational, pragmatic, organizer, individualist, egocentric, mind controls emotion
Ø fixes, builds, creates- feels best when things run smoothly
Ø The specialist-reads manuals and follows recipes
Ø spends more time on groundwork
Ø may focus on what they are doing and neglect other things
Ø organized but may have clutter around them -clutter is practical personal things
Ø energetic and has drive to reach goals
Ø may be fanatic and work to “bitter end”
Ø entrepreneurial but may not be flexible
Ø not the best team player
Ø rebels against structure of team -individualist may be volatile friend
Ø may be called self absorbed -heightened sense of self
Ø can be over dedicated to work
Ø looks for matter of fact solution v sentimental one
Ø may be accused of being cold or formal
Ø reserved in friendship
Ø tasty served with chicken

Ø Sociable, energetic, extroverted, frank, realist, showy, flighty, generalist
Ø makes friends easily-goes with flow and grasps opportunity-flexible
Ø quick to start a project or chase an idea
Ø when prospects are bad are first to bail out
Ø may have short attention span
Ø express strong emotions and may quickly take opposite view
Ø declarations are deep but not always durable
Ø classic entrepreneur -movers and shakers -move from place to place
Ø express their emotions but can be swayed by other blood types
Ø has an intrinsic elegance
Ø sociable and showy
Ø may be performer
Ø some good at crime
Ø adapt to circumstance-words come easily to them
Ø not self conscious- frank reveal inner feelings
Ø ambitious, realist -material is more important than intellectual
Ø may have problem with detail
Ø tasty with "red" meat

Ø Laid back and outgoing, shy and assertive ,a blend of opposites
Ø unpredictable, compelling
Ø may seem to have calm exterior -introvert and extrovert
Ø friends find them dependable but they may rebel if they are overwhelmed and then withdraw
Ø generous on their own terms
Ø unpredictable in social situations
Ø shy with some, bold with others
Ø strong creative strain-artist/performer
Ø everything they do is compelling
Ø drawn to psychology, astrology, fortune telling, spiritual, blood
Ø good politician or diplomat
Ø could be too flexible
Ø good at spotting problem and averting it
Ø likes city but may feel claustrophobic
Ø home has elements that inspire thought and action
Ø hermit and social, subdued and assertive
Ø doer thinker- torn in many directions- successful at what they do
Ø tasty with fresh vegetables

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