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The aftermath of one's military service
August 8th, 2008 WeeMee

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The two Koreas remain divided since 1945. That's why conscription is practiced in Korea. Every male is required to initiate military service within two years of graduation from high school, unless arrangements are made for a deferment. The division between the two Koreas still remain in the nation. You know Korea's GDP ranked 12th among 184 countries in 2005 according to statistics published by the Bank of Korea. But the monthly wage of a corporal-rank conscript is just about $80 us dollar. It's $2.67 a day. And harsh punishment in the name of strong discipline has been a constant problem in the military, which maintains a mandatory conscription system to keep about 690,000 military against North Korea`s 1.1 million forces. Ok. The end justifies the means. But after just finishing their mandatory 2 years of mandatory military service, they have to go through adaptation period. It is a squandering of the nation's resources.

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